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This logotype workflow was rather specific: it was not a corporate logotype but more a personage. However, the task was clearly defined, therefore it was just moving forward without many quite different versions. 1 It all began from paper sketches (there is not sense to scan any of them), but it was much like this first computer sketch.

1 So it all began from paper sketches no sense to scan any of them, but it was much like this first computer sketch.

2 Then a basic idea and form was created and approved

3 Colorized and made more serious.

4 Gradient's were added to give a volume, also the form was corrected to mathematical equation of logarithmic spiral

5 Natural brush strokes were added, to make him even more alive.

6 Some variations of font and rainbow shape...

...and we get a final result:

However, this versions is just a top of iceberg, actually there were more then 70 work versions during more then 15 stages of creation process. The following are just a few examples of them:

color variations

adding not analogue but digital clock

big eyed guy

Final version was already used in program icon, installation wizard, nag screen, and about window:

A lot of promotion materials were created:

Christmass discount graphics

XMas Wallpaper

XMas Wallpaper 800 x 600: bitmap jpeg
1024 x 768: bitmap jpeg
1152 x 864: bitmap jpeg
1280 x 1024: bitmap jpeg
1600 x 1200: bitmap jpeg

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Name: Chameleon Clock
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For: Softshape


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